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3 Super Simple Social Media Steps to Explode Your Network Marketing Business

Ok, so have you said this before?   “I have found something amazing!  I'm going to build this business and finally be able to...."

And then somehow the time passes by, and you haven’t hit those milestones in your business or you feel like you've hit a wall and are no longer getting any traction.

In fact, for the first few years in Network Marketing I said it, and then another year was gone.

It is crazy, how fast time goes by.

The point is: Every day matters.

Every day you don’t take massive action on new strategies, (and quickly duplicate), is another day you’re not free!

SO…. if are you really serious about your business working for you and your team, get ready to take some massive action.

And after you check out these 3 steps and implement them with every new person that comes into your team, they’re going to ask you to be on stage explaining how you pulled this off.  

Let’s get started…

The Social Proof Is King!

We have this crazy place everyone in town loves, to get Barbecue.

Now, if you decide you ever want to try out Franklin's Barbecue when you are in Austin, TX you will have to wait in a very long line.  We're not talking just an hour here...

More like get in line at the crack of dawn or take the chance of not getting any!​

You would never guess they have the best barbecue for miles around from the looks of the place.

BUT... They have won several awards and even have the title of Best Barbecue in Texas!

People drive forever to come and try it out because everyone is talking about it on social media and of course the social proof causes this ridiculously curious thing in people that they just have to try it.

I am sure you have seen huge lines outside of a small hole-in-the-wall food joint, and it just makes you to where you just can’t help it, and you have to go try?

This happened to my husband and I when we where in Sedona, AZ.

We were driving through around lunch time and searched online to find a place to eat.  We found this little place with amazing reviews online and thought what the heck lets try it.

We drove up and it was this very old house that had been turned into a restaurant.  We searched for a place to park and then waited in line trying to decipher the confusing menu.  The ladies were very nice but hard to understand... In the end, I will testify that it was the BEST tamalies I have ever tasted…

Well, you can make the same thing happen, causing major curiosity, and attracting people to your home business, when you market and promote correctly.

With my business, I was doing the old-school, usual stuff – contacting friends, family, acquaintances, Facebook peeps, etc…

But once I really started implementing these simple strategies below, there was a HUGE change in my business and team energy….

Facebook Kings Make Money:

I could seriously speak about Facebook strategy forever but to get right into it, here are 3 Simple steps you can take with a new person in your team that will cause explosive growth:

Ok, so one of my mentor's and friend Julie was new to Network Marketing but she was super excited about the new products she had been using...

So she decided to share with her friends on Facebook.  Honestly she wasn't even thinking about the business, she was just super excited about her results!

And guess what happened?!?  She had 42 people comment!

She was then able to send a message to each person asking what "product" she was using and set up a time to talk with them!

Now, do you think her belief was totally skyrocketed?

She had never done any marketing before, and was shocked by the results.  But here's the thing... she made it a very curious post by using her results, and talking about the benefits of getting the results, without being ‘salesy’ or pushy.

And lucky for her... she did not mention the name of the product or company!  In fact that's why it worked so well.  People were curious and wanted to know what she was using!  And the more people who commented, the more social proof!

So, ABSOLUTELY NO company name or logos visible ‘€“ important not to KILL their curiosity!

It was more about how she FELT about the benefits, so it created interest of others wanting to FEEL that way, and in the next 2 days from that one post, along with ‘social proof’ she knocked it out of the park . 

She had over 42 people comment on the post.

That is 42 people that became red hot prospects with one post!

She was pretty excited and locked into the business for awhile, don’t you think?

She then had absolutely NO FEAR to use her fast profit to do her auto-ship and purchase more products for her and her family, which created even more commissionable volume in the team.

Plus she was way excited to show more people because of her results and what the business is doing for her.

This is why it is key to go to work, fully supporting and focusing on every single person in your team within 24 hours, as soon as they come in.  Have a “Leave No RECRUIT BEHIND!” mindset.

When enrolling them DO NOT let them post anything before they complete training, (to ensure their success with ‘warmer’ market). 

Their focus should not be to ‘get’ people into their business.

The main goal should be to find people you can solve a problem, with your business or products and to get them real and quick results in their life!

Lead Them To The Group:

Our team uses different closed and secret Facebook groups, for many different reasons, but one of our most exciting private groups is our ‘social media building mastermind’ group for those who are #FB or social media savvy.

This is a massive help to get your personal posts ranked higher on Facebook or whatever platform you are using, so more people see your post on their wall.

Here is an example: when someone in the team is about to post a ‘curiosity’ or recruiting post, they’ll let everyone else in the group know, (by posting in the group), and then the rest of the team will go and ‘like’ and comment on the post.

It works!

This ‘social proof’ group helps drive the Facebook algorithms to prioritize your post, because Facebook will see that the post is very interesting and relevant, so it will immediately put your post up in front of MORE of your friend’s walls, and it will also leave it up there for longer, because Facebook loves posts that are getting the most attention.

We have everyone in the group, (whether they’re in each other’s team or not), working together to create interest and engagement that the Facebook algorithms recognize.

MAKE SURE to train your team NOT to be spammy or cheezy if you organize this method. There is a very thin line between being real with your testimonies, and posting lame scripted words for artificial ranking! People can tell, and it’s tacky and unprofessional if they’re not trained to do this correctly. 

When our group likes and comments on each specific person’s post, (with positive and real testimonies from other’s who have tried the same product or are getting x results from their business), it makes it super fun for the newbie on the team, because they never feel ‘alone’, and have a great experience with their first post!

On top of that, it is so cool to have your prospects see other people in the group who are having a great experience, and they are attracted by the momentum!

They soon are reaching out to YOU, because it causes a ton of curiosity, and they HAVE to know MORE!

Make sure all  the activity happens in the first 3 hours of someone’s post or else their post will ‘die down’ and fizzle out quickly.

Many younger people on the team are very social media driven and LOVE to use the social media strategy, so they go into that support group. 

Others, however, have a totally different strategy, and you don’t want to confuse them or sidetrack them, so they go into our teams other private group, with the focus on ‘specialized offline strategies’.

When they are ready to move online they let me know and we start their online training.

Breaking The News:

This ‘immediate cash’ strategy can be good,  because it’s ‘instant gratification‘ and it builds massive belief,  but bad, because it’s totally ‘instant gratification” and will not always be this simple to get people to react. 

So you want to make sure to let your new leaders know quickly,  it’s not always going to be this easy.

Directly after the first post, they MUST go through the initial ’48 hour training’.

I set appointments for a strategy session, to begin teaching whatever is most comfortable of the other 1001 ways you can generate prospects for your business. 

There is always more than one way to build your business. 

I recommend you invest in a few network marketing courses, like this Social Media Recruiter training from my friend Julie, which has saved me (and my team) a TON of time.

It will cause an avalanche of momentum in your organization this year. 

Another thing to do is immediately tell your new team member NOT to take any advice from ANYONE, no matter how close of family or friend they are, if they are not successful in the areas you want to be successful in. 


Your new recruit is really excited and wants to go talking to people…. STOP THEM before they completely ruin their warm market!

A new team member should never get in a position where they are doing the talking, (getting into conversations or doing presentations without experienced up-line support).

They should initially only be mastering the INVITE.

Our team is big on ‘please let US (me and upline) do the heavy lifting and explaining!’ for the first month.

By doing it this way your new recruit will do the prospects a service by showing them how easy this can be to duplicate.

High end professionals or not new networkers have a hard time with this, (because they want to look smart do the talking themselves), so getting in front of this challenge from the beginning, is key.

In other words, DON’T DO ALL the TALKING!  

KEEP your mouth CLOSED!

Create CURIOSITY instead, so you don’t SNUFF OUT their curiosity, trying to explain all of it yourself! 

I also let them know that they will learn SO MUCH MORE over the next 12 months, as I invest the time into them.

Emphasizing ‘delayed gratification’ keeps them in long enough to gain the skills they need to generate the bigger incomes.

I let them know that they will quit on themselves before I ever quit on them, and they will be going through these 3 stages: 
Warm market, then cold market, and social media strategies.

Get them into action asap, so they can have that great experience and make a profit.

That is a wrap for the first 3 Super Simple Steps!

Feel free to share this post, and comment if you found value.

I can’t wait to hear about your success!


If you want more on groups, posting, and other strategies with Facebook of other social media platforms, my favorite training is this  Social Media Recruiter. Grab it before it goes away, RIGHT HERE.


Heather and Josh have been married for sixteen years and currently live in Texas with their three children, Katy (10), Travis (7) and Emily (5). Over the past 2 years in the network marketing industry, they have learned how to use social media to grow their business and have found their passion in coaching others to do the same. Reach out to them and they will walk you through the process of shortening the timeline between the life you currently have and the life you dream of.

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