About Me – Heather Glaze

Meet Josh and Heather

We started out in the Network Marketing industry much like a lot of people. The industry found us… we didn’t go looking for it… but it made sense so we jumped in thinking we had found our “ticket” to freedom!

Back up to October 2009…

We were only surviving… just had our 2nd baby… and I was done living.

I know you are thinking What!?! But it was true, after having our second child I feel into a deep depression and we didn’t know what to do. After trying multiple medicines we finally found one that worked and I was better but never really back to my real self. We were not okay with that and kept searching for an answer…

March 2009 after our 2nd child was born.

May 2016 Family Picture

Finally it came in April of 2014, we found a Natural Wellness Dr. who knew taking gluten and dairy out of my diet would help. We were overwhelmed in the beginning and not sure where to start but we decided to make a decision to just go for it and change the way we ate. In just a few short weeks I felt so much better and it only continued to improve!

That’s when we were introduced to a company that would start us on a journey that would change our lives forever. At first we just used the products but over time fell in love with them and then saw how the business worked so we decided to jump in. We figured if they made this big a difference for us, everyone else would love them to, right!?!

We spent the next year struggling to grow our business…

Sure we found some clients but we could not find anyone who wanted to build a business. Then we ran out of people to talk too, can you relate?

This led me to start searching on line determined to   find a way to build our business. It took me around 6  months researching,  reading  and  devouring   everything   I  could find  and  finally  I  found  a  system  that  works…     Attraction Marketing and the  concept of  bringing  value         to the  marketplace and  having  people  actively  seek  us       out  in  return.

Working with our mentors Whit and Cari Higham.

​Meeting Ferny Ceballos at my first Live Event.

Now we have built an online community on Facebook and have learned how to leverage social media in a way that attracts people to you!  Click here to learn more about Attraction Marketing Formula.  

We learned that we needed 3 critical components in order to move forward in our business:

1) Pick ONE Lead Generation Strategy and Master It
2) Consistent Action
3) Build A Relationship With Our Leads

Now we have a way to consistently bring in people to talk to about our business and while we still have a lot of work to do to build a massive business we are finally heading in the right direction.

We  still  use  traditional methods  but have  found  by  adding  attraction  marketing  online  it  allows us to  leverage  social  media  and  to  grow our  business  faster!   Plus I  am  able   to  do  so  much  from  home,  which  is  huge  for our  family  as  we  home school  our  now  3  children!   They  are  10,  7  and  5  years  old.

We now know it is very possible to create a thriving home business, as long as you’re willing to work hard, invest in training's for your business, and be willing to be mentored by those who are already successful.

Only YOU can decide your outcome in your business and if you are ready to take action...

I can only share with you what’s worked for us, through our blog, our Facebook community and inside of the products we recommend. It’s your responsibility to jump in and implement what you learn here. We’ve learned that jumping in feet first was the best way for us to finally start growing. We wish you the best in your business and look forward to hearing about your success with online marketing soon!

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