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The 2 Books That Have Made The Most Impact On My Business

Today I'm going to share with you 2 of my favorite books so far that have really helped me grown my Network Marketing Business.  

The first on is Go Pro by Eric Wore.  If you have not read this one yet, I highly recommend it, It's actually very short and a pretty quick read but will really help you with your mindset.

I love how he talks about Network Marketing in this book and he really breaks down the profession.  He let you know that it's not a lottery ticket!  

A lot of people think, when they are first introduced to Network Marketing that they have found a lottery ticket.  Most people think they will be able to go out and tell all their friends and family about their new business and then...


They will have this Awesome Business.

​Can you relate?​

BUT it doesn't work like that...   the reality of Network Marketing... is not like that at all!

It Does Take WORK!  

I love that he tells you, you need to be prepared to work Hard and build your business for 3-5 years.  If you want to build a substantial business, it's going to take time and it's also going to take talking to a lot of people!  

This is a great book to get your mindset right!  

It's also one I keep on hand!  When I have new people join my Network Marketing Company I will give them a copy because I think it's great to get them started in the right direction!  You can find this one on Amazon or you can get it from Eric Wore's website.

My other favorite, I just learned about in 2016 when I was searching for a way to take my business online.  

You may already know, but I'm a mom to 3 kids whom I home school!  While I was doing my Network Marketing business in the beginning, I was doing parties and going here and there but that got really difficult because I needed to be home with my 3 kiddos!  

So, I started researching and trying to find a way that I could bring my home business online...

I wanted to build my "home business" from home!  Otherwise it's not really home business, is it!  And I wanted to do build it with my 3 children running around!  

Tall order I know  but In my search I found Attraction Marketing Formula and it is an eBook written by Ferny Ceballos.  You can order it online here and download it right away.  

Ferny is now one of my mentors and I am learning so much from him. I got to meet him for the first time in January and now I'm super excited, next week I'm actually going to a 3 day workshop with Ferny and I will be learning even more! Super Excited about that!

One of the things I've learned from Attraction Marketing, as I've been learning to take my business online, I really like how he teaches you that not everyone is your perfect prospect!  

So often we are taught to talk to everyone that breaths!  That's not really what you want to do.  You want to find the people that you can work well.  Know that not everyone is going to be your perfect prospect!  

So instead of chasing down everyone, I have learned how to attract people to me!

How awesome would that be for your business if you had people asking you what YOU do?

I have learned how to brand myself as a Network Marketing Profession, who can help you build online.

I now have people coming to me...

​they message me asking questions,

​Some people are interested in learning how to build online with the company they are already with.

​Others are not happy​ with the business they have...

Some don't have much support, others have not had any success yet and they are looking for someone to join who can work along side them and help them succeed.  

If you are wanting to grow your business online, Attraction Marketing Formula is a must read!

I love that it's an eBook and you can download it right away, but you can also print it out and go through it that way, if you like.  Click Here to grab your copy! 

Until next time,



Heather and Josh have been married for sixteen years and currently live in Texas with their three children, Katy (10), Travis (7) and Emily (5). Over the past 2 years in the network marketing industry, they have learned how to use social media to grow their business and have found their passion in coaching others to do the same. Reach out to them and they will walk you through the process of shortening the timeline between the life you currently have and the life you dream of.

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